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A Cheap Trick and Cheesy One Liner: An Autobiography

Nadia | 26 | Enigmatically creepy
Somewhere in the UK, feeling cold

[previously reveriewit]

Shape-shifting Jรถtunn(s) &
Genius, Playboy, Billionaire Philanthropist(s) Just Dancing
at Stark Tower

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About me: (oh boy, pressure pressure pressure...) Nadia. 26. Ex-Computer Science student. Now a hopeful and ridiculously optimistic app developer, entrepreneur and tech blogger. INFJ/ISFJ. Natasha Stark in the making. "British" stereotype (posh accent, endlessly drinking cups of tea, eating scones, wearer of bowler hats with pristine suits and ties, cane in hand, incredibly apologetic and polite - the whole deal). I speak some French. I have an unnatural interest in robots and zombies. I love tech more than people. I make high pitched sounds when I see Dachshunds, koalas, ducklings, rabbits and fennec foxes. I don't bite unless you like that sort of thing.

Things you'll find on this blog:

Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hiddleston, Josh Dallas et Matthew Goode sont mes furieux, curieux muses fantaisistes. Marvel (MCU & 616). Tony Stark and all his gut wrenchingly bad decisions accompanied by tech porn. The Avengers in general. Any other feels inducing characters that take my fancy. Frostiron. Pepperony. Fandroki. The Big Bang Theory. Doctor Who. Adventure Time (I don't watch nearly enough TV so feel free to give me some recs) Movies. Art. Sci-fi. Books. Photography. Indie music. Tech. General geekery.

This is in fact a personal blog, so leave the hate at the door.

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"What’s this doing here?"

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